Minor in Latin American Studies


Robert McNamara / Political Science Department, 707-664-2676

The minor in Latin American Studies offers a cross-disciplinary concentration on an important region of the world for students preparing for careers in or focusing on Latin America. Through a combination of courses in different disciplines, it provides a general background in Latin American culture, history, politics, economics, literature, social structures, and foreign relations. Although study of a language (other than English) is not required, it is highly recommended.

The minor consists of 20 semester units, which include courses:

  • in at least two different disciplines
  • at least one from the Regional courses,
  • no more than 12 units  from any one discipline.


A. Regional Courses

  • HIST 241     History of the America Part I (3)
  • HIST 242     History of the Americas Part II (3)
  • GEOG 392    Geography of Latin America and the Caribbean (4)
  • HIST  339    Ancient and Colonial Latin America (4)
  • HIST  342    Modern Latin America (4)
  • POLS  453    Politics of Latin America (4)
  • SPAN  307    Cultures of Latin America (4) (Taught in Spanish)
  • FR      314    French Caribbean Literatures (4) (Taught in English)
  • CALS 480    Latin American Migration to the United States (4)

B. Specialized Courses

  • CALS 314    Latin American Literature and Translation (4)
  • BUS 396W   The Global Wine Industry (4)
  • ECON 403    Seminar in International Development (4)
  • HIST  433    History of Mexico (4)
  • HIST  449    Gender and Sexuality in Latin America (4)
  • SPAN  402 Latin American Literature (4) (Taught in Spanish)

C. Supporting Electives

  • Any courses focusing on Latin America and the Caribbean and chosen in consultation with and approved by an advisor for the minor in Latin American Studies.

Total units for minor: 20