Individualized studies in historical topics, themes, periods and/or areas beyond the scope of the established curriculum. Open from 1 to 4 units as determined by the department faculty sponsor. Not to be used as a substitute for HIST 498 Senior Seminar. For additional information, please refer to the catalog. May be repeated for credit up to 8 units.

This class will cover all aspects of scholarly journal publication, including management, editing, setting up and implementing an anonymous review system, selection of manuscripts, layout, budgeting, production, sales, and distribution. Students will publish the department student history journal as the final result. May be repeated for credit. Cr/NC only.

Field experience in city, county, state, and federal agencies and with private business and community organizations. May be repeated for credit.

Directed studies in a seminar setting on a particular topic or theme (please see Schedule of Classes for the specific topic selected by the instructor). Combines secondary reading and original research leading to the completion of a research project. May be repeated for credit.

Individualized studies for advanced undergraduates with at least a 3.50 GPA who want graduate-level academic experience and the honors designation at graduation. Students develop a critical research project in cooperation with a faculty advisor, present their findings, and write a critique of another research paper. This course is not part of major requirements. Consent of department required.

Workshop course providing practice in archival research, oral history, descriptive statistics, cultural material analysis, and other historical techniques. Recommended for new graduate students, including ITDS.

Readings and projects on topics within a common frame of reference, as arranged by instructor and participating students.

Designed for students working on their thesis or master's project but who have otherwise completed all graduate coursework toward their degree. This course cannot be applied toward the minimum number of units needed for completion of the master's degree. Cr/NC only.

Experience in professional history, typically in museums, historical societies, and other public history settings, as well as junior college internship programs. Students will produce a professional product, such as a curated exhibit; a research report; a course syllabus; or finding aid. Cr/NC

Individualized studies in historical topics, themes, periods and/or areas beyond the scope of the established curriculum.